Strategic choices

However, it is only in the space created by all three component circles overlapping, that we find any logical candidate strategic choice for inclusion in the final corporate strategy. In the Strategic Choice Approach, planning is seen as a continuous process of adjustment, and involving a fair amount of reflection on the nature of the decision making process itself.

How to pursue the organizational purpose involves choosing strategically In deciding a corporate strategy of major actions and projects to achieve the desired levels of corporate performance, the corporate strategic planning team must thoroughly analyze a number of key factors.

Setting Objectives & Making Strategic Choices

Authenticity, Believability, Communicability and Deliverability. Jump to navigation Jump to search In organizational theorya topic in sociology and social psychologyStrategic Choice Theory describes the role that leaders or leading groups play in influencing an organization through making choices in a dynamic political process.

When managerial ego becomes involved, or a deep rooted organizational culture is at play, it may be very difficult to follow the logic as presented.

He also suggested that there were only two effective Strategic choices of competing in a market. More proactively an organization could make the choice to engage constructively and positively with these interest groups, and have them actively supporting the organization in its pursuit of its purpose.

Despite how rule ridden these environments are, these pioneers of SCA demonstrated the vital importance of informal networks of constructive cooperation in achieving pr0gress in decision making in very complex, uncertain, and often highly politicized environments.

Strategic Choice Theory

For example, overuse of particular data to support a prejudicial position may be as concerning as too little data. Setting objectives and communicating them to the members of the organization ensure that everyone is focused on the highest-priority tasks and is operating under the same assumptions about the company's future.

One real problem is that the thinking about mergers and acquisitions is often less than objective. Strategic options about building skills and experience may therefore have to precede choices to enter new markets or to develop individual products.

It is likely that they have known each other for some time. The early projects focused on policy-making in local governments, employing teams of operational research and social scientists.

This involves a search for trends likely to impact the organization, whether positively or negatively. Hence, this concludes the definition of Strategic Choice along with its overview.

These will include assessing the most important capabilities of the enterprise, and honestly evaluating the shortcomings of the organization. Clearly there are multiple options in response to each question and there are links between the question. For a business to succeed, all members of the management team and staff must make a coordinated effort.

Formation, Implementation and Evolution Oxford: The governing body and top management of the organization in question need to be in clear agreement about each choice made in defining the fundamental purpose of the organization.

Strategic Choice

The process of strategic planning creates a corporate strategy for the organization. The communicability of the strategic choice becomes a kind of test of the management team commitment. All the above arrangements have in common the need for a written contract which binds the two or more parties into a clear agreement as to who will do what and pay what.

Or the restaurant could offer special discounts on nights when business typically has been slow. Apart from but complementary to organizational settings, Strategic Choice theory was studied with regard to individual's responses in ordinary, everyday disputes.

The franchisee is half- way between an employee and an independent entrepreneur with his risk limited by the success of the brand name and by the support and advice provided by the fran- chiser. This suggests that identifying and choosing options can be done purely analytically.

Four key strategic choices

The development of business strategy takes into account that all companies must cope with limited resources to some extent. Businesses usually have short-term objectives -- those set to be accomplished in the next year -- and longer-term objectives that can look out as far as five years or more.

Having indicated some key points of the strategic planning process that could require strategic decisionI will now talk more about the nature of these choices.

The scope can either be broad— tackling the whole market—or narrow—tackling only a particular part of the market.

If there is more than one stra- tegic option that meet these tests, they will need to be compared. Each context will have its own pattern of politics which will be important in determining both how and what strategic decisions are made.

The start date will be announced as soon as the number of interested participants exceeds. I am so happy I found Strategic Choices Financial. I now have a honest, responsive firm I can refer my Medicare patients.

They came through with help lowering prescription drug prices for some patients, and just plain explaining Medicare to other patients. Strategic choices in the case examples he ICL case example illustrates how a strategic choice was made in a period of a T few months.

It gives some indications of the strategic options open to ICL at the time and also how the crisis broadened the options that could be considered. Chapter 11 Strategic Choice Importance of choice in the strategy formulation process trategic choice is the third logical element of the strategy formulation process.

Strategic Choice Theory

Alvin and the Strategic Choices Team explained to me accurately the choices I had in transferring my retirement fund over to them making me feel confident it was the right choice.

Also, with my money fluctuating in the stock market I liked that Strategic Choices was able /5(16). A Strategic Choice Framework for Union Decision Making David Weil This essay presents a framework for decision making by labor union leaders facing critical choices regard.

Importance of Strategic Choices. Whether a business succeeds or fails depends in large measure on the strategic choices made by the owner.


Spending large amounts of time and money introducing a product that turns out to have a very limited market is an example of a bad strategic choice.

Strategic choices
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Strategic choice is central to strategy making